Creepy Hand Game
Creepy Hand Game

Creepy Hand Game

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Truth or Dare! Gather your players in a circle, put your Creepy Hand in the middle and watch as it moves around the table until it points at its victim. The selected player must either answer an embarrassing question or perform a daring challenge. What will you choose? If the player does not complete the task successfully and claim the challenge card they will have one last chance to face the Creepy Hand's bonus challenge (printed at the bottom of card) before the next player is selected. The first player to collect 6 cards is the winner.

Exciting new take on truth or dare.

Who will creepy hand choose to complete the challenge?

Watch creepy hand move around and find and point at its victim.

Choose, a truth, dare or forfeit!

Fun for all ages.

Contents: 1x creepy hand, 100 playing cards, game rules.
2 or more players.
AA (not included).