Kindi Kids Doctor's Bag
Kindi Kids Doctor's Bag

Kindi Kids Doctor's Bag

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Contents: A doctor's bag, a stethoscope, 4 Shopkins accessories, a printed fabric bandage and a sticker sheet
Give your Kindi Kids and friends a check-up!
Unlock your unicorn doctor's bag by turning the unicorn's horn!
Give your Kindi Kids a shot with the press and play syringe!
Check your Kindi Kids temperature with the push down and see thermometer!
Snip away pretend and play with the Shopkins scissors and bandage
Store accessories in the bag to take with you wherever you go


Now you can give all your Kindi kids and friends a check up with the Kindi Fun Doctor's Bag. Everything you need is inside the cute Unicorn Doctor's Bag! Turn the Unicorn's horn to open the bag and inside you will find the cutest Doctor's assistants ready to help you treat your patients!

These interactive Shopkins are ready to help. Take your Kindi Kids' temperature with the Shopkins thermometer. Push it down and see the result! Give them a shot with the "Press and Play" Shopkins Syringe. Help them heal with the Shopkins Scissors and Bandage. Check their heart with your Shopkins Stethoscope! Then when you have treated them all. Send them off smiling with a cute Shopkins Sticker!