Squirtle 20cm Pokemon Plush
Squirtle 20cm Pokemon Plush

Squirtle 20cm Pokemon Plush

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Contents: 1x 20cm Pokémon Squirtle Plush
Super soft plush fabric
Authentic design
Perfect for kids or collectors


Made from super soft plush fabrics and sized just right for travels, the Pokémon 20cm Squirtle Plush is the perfect toy for your Pokémon team.

Fans and collectors will love this Pokémon plush toy’s authentic character design –and the cuddly fabrics, bright colours and huggable size are just right for kids.

The Pokémon Squirtle plush toy makes a brilliant addition to any Pokémon collection, whether you’re decorating a fan’s bedroom or cuddling up with your favourite soft toys at bedtime. There are 6 Pokémon plush toys to collect in this series, so fans of all ages can catch ‘em all.

About Squirtle

Squirtle is a water-type Pokémon with a protective shell that helps it swim at high speeds. In the Pokémon games and TV series, Squirtle evolves into Wartotle and finally into Blastoise. This cuddly plush toy perfectly captures the Pokémon in its starter form.